Bangkok through Poster : BKK Version 236
Assemblage and Poster August 2017 Participated in Bangkok Through Poster project by Kinjai gallery as visual artists to design poster that describe Bangkok City. For me things always remind me of the time and event that I related to. Me as an observer, I choose to honestly project my memory perspective of Bangkok City into schematic model using the capital of computer, mother board, as a visual language to record Bangkok at the age of 236 (2018). The motherboard works like 4-Dimension Photograph that capture my perspective through times. 

* Example 01 - I replaced Bangkok Airports with a USB ports so this motherboard must contains two USB ports, The old one is Don Muang Airport and the brand new one that add on PCI port is Suwannaphum Airport.

* Example 02 - Due to Thai political crisis (2013-2014), It make citizens tired of politic, protest, violence, ideology for 4 years now and creates struggle for citizens who want to offer an opinion and solutions to military governor. The offensive took place all over online platform. So that I remove Mic Cable, destroy and remove some of capacitor, change Central Processing Unit, create fire mark at power supply port, add two more aluminium heatsink, remains Internet cable and VGA cable, Using visual language and describe the work only in English to not directly communicate to most of Thai people.

I separate my artwork into two medium: Assemblage and Poster. There are more to explore not only details that I put in the model but also your opinion. If you want to see it in every dimension and in details I recommend you to visit Kinjai Gallery, 18 August 2018